Automotive Mystery Shopping

Beat the competition with the most powerful phone & internet automotive mystery shopping in the marketplace!

RevDojo’s premier Automotive Mystery Shopping provides an in-depth look into your dealership. 

Do you know where your dealership is lacking? How well does your dealership handle internet and phone leads? What are your competitors doing right and wrong? Mystery shopping provides the insights needed to answer all of these questions and leave your competition in the dust. That’s why we made it our mission to provide the most powerful mystery shopping in the automotive marketplace!

With RevDojo, you’re able to compare and analyze data from your dealership, direct competitors and thousands of dealers across the U.S. Discover what top-performing dealerships are doing right with analytics from over 25,000 dealerships at your fingertips. As the largest automotive mystery shop solution in the market, you will gain access to the highest-quality data available alongside in-depth reports on your team’s performance and your competitors.

Mystery shopping not only offers information on how to improve your dealership, but creates accountability that keeps sales professionals and BDC staff on process and heading towards the appointment. Dealerships that utilize our mystery shop solutions acquire the resources required to skyrocket success and stand at the forefront of their marketplace. Don’t believe us? Request a free demo today to see how RevDojo’s mystery shopping can improve your dealership’s success today!

Frequently Asked Questions


How many Automotive Mystery Shops are done per month?

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Webinarinc provides sixteen (16) total mystery shops a month: two (2) mystery shops & two (2) competitor shops per week. Including one (1) phone call & one (1) email for each. [90-day commitment to ensure best results]

How often are reports sent out?

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We deliver automotive mystery shop reports weekly. Our reports offer data in an easy to analyze format alongside RevDojo’s guidance. 

What happens if I cannot decipher the mystery shop data?

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Our weekly reports are designed to be extremely easy to analyze. However, we offer extensive data analysis support and custom-tailored solutions to keep your dealership moving in a positive direction.

How will mystery shopping help my dealership succeed?

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Automotive mystery shopping creates accountability in sales processes. Furthermore, you gain important insights on where and how to improve your dealership’s profitability. Our weekly reports provide the information needed to stand out from the competition and set more appointments. This includes:
  • Response Time
  • Communication Attempts
  • Diversity of Attempts (Phone, Email, SMS, Etc.)
  • Data Analysis Guidance
  • Telecommunication Recordings and Feedback
  • Sales Process Skills
  • Objection Handling Skills
  • And Much More!

Who is the Automotive Mystery Shopping administered by?

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RevDojo employs highly-trained mystery shoppers who specialize in the automotive marketplace. Our experienced mystery shoppers act as real automotive buyers who are familiar with and aim to flow with your dealership’s sales processes.