4 Car Sales Tips

Getting a deal all the way from start to close can sometimes be harder than it should. Customers refuse to set appointments, allow hesitancy to hold up deals and avoid making a purchase on vehicles they love. Nevertheless, as a car sales professional, it’s your job to make sure that appointments get set and deals get closed while simultaneously delivering stellar customer service. Yet, with the right tips, you will be able to achieve this easily. In this blog, discover the 4 car sales tips needed to set more appointments and close more deals!

    4 Car Sales Tips Needed to Close More Deals

    Car Sales Tips – #1: Don’t Ruin Your Deal Early On

    When customers bring up potential issues or objections early on over the phone or on the showroom floor, it can be tempting to handle it then and there. However, this causes a lot more problems than it solves. It doesn’t pay to open your deal up to issues, especially early on. Rather, this only holds things up and many times even kills the deal. Instead, it’s far more effective early on in the deal to promise to help the customer and then go right for the appointment or the next step in your sales process.

    Phone Example:
    Customer: “I have bad credit.”
    Sales Professional: “If you have bad credit, then you called the right place. If anyone’s going to be able to get you approved, it’s going to be me. Let me give you a list of things to bring into the dealership and we’ll work from there. When can you come in?”

    Phone Example:
    Customer: “I need to get the best price.”
    Sales Professional: “If you’re looking for the best price, you called the right place. Everyone looking for the best price shops here. When can you come in?”

    Showroom Floor Example:
    Customer: “I’m just looking.”
    Sales Professional: “No problem, you don’t have to buy a car today. We can make today just a looking day. Follow me.”

    Car Sales Tips – #2: Expand Your Inventory

    Whether you’re on the phone or the showroom floor, it’s dangerous to let your deal revolve around just one vehicle. That specific vehicle may not be available, the buyer won’t like it once they see it in person or another issue might occur. So, it’s always best to increase your odds at setting the appointment and closing the deal by having multiple vehicles to do this with.

    Expanding over the phone:
    Before you check on the vehicle the customer inquired on, always expand your inventory. By telling the customer that you’re going to check on other similar vehicles, you’re setting yourself up for success. This way, if you don’t have the vehicle, you can start to set the appointment around another. However, even in cases where you have the vehicle, appointments are always stronger when based around the prospect of more than one suitable car!

    Expanding on the showroom floor:
    Once the customer is in the dealership, it’s still a great idea to expand your inventory early on in the deal. If you’re able to find more than one perfect vehicle for the customer, your chances at success will skyrocket! This is also a good opportunity to start to show off lesser and higher options. Now, if the customer objects to the price, you can offer the lower priced, lesser equipped vehicle for perspective. This way, you have room to move down without worrying about negotiating on price or even up if the buyer seems interested.

    Car Sales Tips – #3: Engage the Trade

    The customer’s current vehicle is a fantastic way to get appointments set and close deals. On the phone, even without a vehicle, appointments can be purely set around an appraisal. By offering a free appraisal and switching from selling to the customer to buying from them, it can make a huge difference when trying to get an appointment.

    Phone Example:
    Sales Professional: “What are you driving now?”
    Customer: “XYZ vehicle.”
    Sales Professional: “Oh, wow! What a great car! You know, we need vehicles like that. Could you come in for a free appraisal? That way, you can at least have a better idea while you shop around.”

    On the showroom, engaging the buyer’s trade is a gold mine of information. By walking around their vehicle, you will know exactly what they like and dislike, what’s important to them and more! Knowing this information will allow you to sell them their next vehicle better and help you to expand the inventory with other perfect options.

    The trade can also be a huge help in closing deals during the vehicle shortage. Customers are apprehensive to work with dealerships since they know that vehicles are priced higher recently. Yet, by explaining the benefits of trading in their vehicle, it can be a lot easier to close these deals. When buyers understand that even though vehicle prices are higher, but trade in values are up too, the logic that they’re still getting a great deal can often push these deals to get closed!

    Car Sales Tips – #4: Go the Extra Mile

    When you do what other dealerships won’t, you will start to pick up extra deals. So, going the extra mile on the phone or on the showroom floor can be a big help in getting things done. When the deal isn’t progressing to the appointment, there are a variety of other strategies you can try. For example, offer to work the deal through your digital retailing tool, over video chat, or even in person at a location of their choosing (e.g. bring the car to their house or workplace).

    On the showroom floor, there are also numerous ways to go above and beyond. Incorporate what the customer tells you into your sales pitch by selling them on the specific features and equipment they want. This shows that you’re listening and can be a great way to close a deal. Another option is to print off third-party information when it supports vehicle pricing or trade value. When you can show the customer how great of a deal they’re getting, it becomes a lot easier to close it, especially while trying to overcome objections. Going the extra mile gets things done!


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