RevDojo pioneers end-to-end dealership growth with automotive sales training programs and cutting-edge products that result in trained and accountable fully-staffed teams who dominate the marketplace.


Mystery Shop - icon

Mystery Shop

Beat the competition with the most powerful phone & internet mystery shopping in the marketplace. RevDojo’s premier mystery shopping provides an in-depth look into how your dealership compares to the competition in responding to and interacting with buyers. Gain the valuable insights needed to improve your BDC team and salespeople tenfold while gaining an advantage over the competition.

Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Boasting 1,500+ automotive sales training videos, RevDojo’s groundbreaking LMS offers invaluable insights, tips and the sales processes needed to succeed. Train staff like never before with acclaimed on-demand automotive sales training covering everything from the internet, BDC, phone, showroom, management engagement and much more. Access interactive testing and progress monitoring, call guides tailored to your dealership and support tools to guarantee your staff is equipped for success.

In-store Training

In-Store Training

Set your dealership up for success with in-store automotive sales training designed to dramatically increase performance. RevDojo’s live training will supercharge your dealership with interactive training sessions that help set more appointments and close more car deals. From showroom, internet, phone, BDC and objection handling – to management engagement training and more – RevDojo has you covered!



Engage your team and skyrocket success with comprehensive live webinars delivered weekly. RevDojo’s interactive automotive sales training provides fresh content, online testing, Q&A’s and virtual-based process training to keep your dealership at the forefront of the modern marketplace. So, choose RevDojo – the company with decades of experience and a proven track record of increasing success in dealerships throughout America.



RevDojo’s proprietary call software is engineered exclusively for the automotive space and provides the tools necessary to supercharge areas of potential within the dealership. This includes LEAD RESPONSE TECHNOLOGY which connects the buyer by phone with the dealership immediately following the lead submission. Find out how the fastest auto dialer in the automotive industry can bring your dealership to the next level today.

Career Fairs

Career Fairs

Ensure your dealership is fully staffed with qualified personnel. RevDojo offers continual introduction of the best candidates through our recruiting solutions to increase your dealership’s success. Further streamline on-boarding with automotive sales training like never before through our on-demand training platform and interactive live webinars.



Increase your dealership’s exposure and brand awareness with tier 1 quality video production at a competitive price. Get the best commercial production for broadcast, pre-roll and social media to ensure your dealership stands out in today’s market.