The Value of Phone Sales Skill

The skill to handle any type of call is vital to the effectiveness of any automotive sales professional. The number of vehicles anyone is able to sell each month will be greatly affected by the ability needed to make or take a perfect call. Getting car buyers on the phone can already prove to be a challenge. So, when you manage to get a prospect on the phone, it’s vital that you’re able to grab their attention and set the appointment. In this blog, learn the automotive phone sales tips you need to take your skills to the next level and set the appointment nearly every time!

Phone Sales: Start Right to Finish Right

Starting a call the right way is key in being able to finish strong and set the appointment. Make sure to let the buyer know that they called the right place for whatever they want. When buyers bring up a concern in a call, you don’t want to attempt to work the deal over the phone. Instead, let them know that you can help and they called the right place. This is usually enough to move past any phone objection and start deals on solid standing.

Don’t Have What They Want

Regardless of if you think a vehicle is not available, make sure to first expand your inventory. When you let buyers know that you don’t have the vehicle they are interested in, it makes it easy for them to get off the phone. So, whenever they call to check on a vehicle, first check their flexibility. Customers are likely not calling in on their dream car. Whether you have the vehicle or not, you always want to improve your chances by expanding your inventory! This way you can come back prepared with multiple vehicles to set an appointment on.

Never Hang Up Just to Check

When a buyer calls in on a specific vehicle, just take the appointment. Too often, sales professionals will hang up the phone to search for the vehicle. However, this extends the process and means you have to get in communication with the buyer one extra time. Instead, just go for the appointment on that first call and see if they would be open to any other options. Worst-case scenario, you just call them right back with some other vehicles they might be interested in.

The Appointment is in the Appraisal

Some customers just hate being sold to, and it can be difficult to set an appointment with these types of buyers. In this situation, a great tactic is to engage them on their current vehicle. When you show great interest in what the buyer is driving now, appointments get set. To do this, offer a free appraisal of their vehicle and assure the buyer that your dealership gives top-dollar for trade-ins. Then, let them know that, at the very least, they can use the valuation to cross-reference at other dealers. When you switch from selling to the buyer, to buying from them, it makes it easier for the appointment to get set!

Phone Sales: Always Ask for the Appointment

Regardless of how the call seems to be going, when you have a buyer on the phone, always ask for the appointment! No one can read minds, and even buyers you think are not interested may come in if you ask. When mystery shopping over 25,000 dealerships across America, we found that a lot of sales professionals will not even make the attempt. When your competition is failing to ask for the appointment, that’s all the more reason for you to try to pick up those deals!