3rd Party Trade Justifications


When Presenting Numbers on the trade, showing the 3rd party value, less any logical reconditioning the vehicle needs is a great way to explain the value to the buyer. Any reconditioning of the vehicle needs and possibly even real-time market adjustments that have not caught up to the 3rd party sites yet are a great way to justify trade values logically.

Mr. and Mrs. Customers, the 3rd party value on your vehicle is 27,500. Your vehicle is going to need Tires, there is a small scratch, and we will need to detail your vehicle. Also, there is a market adjustment now because your vehicle is a convertible, and we’re going into the winter.

(3rd party website value) 27,500
Tires – 1100
Small Scratch – 200
Detail – 250
Market Adjustment – 400
Vehicle Value 25,550


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