setting goals

The Importance of Setting Goals

Setting goals helps automotive professionals stay on top by increasing daily productivity and overall performance. In turn, acquire more leads, set more appointments, and sell more cars! Just like car salespeople, one of the major keys to success for anyone is the ability to set goals and track progress towards reaching them. When you know the route to success, climbing the mountain becomes a pleasure as opposed to a pain! 

In other words, when you know what you want to achieve and have the tools necessary to achieve them, reaching your goals will become exciting! In order to maintain focus and stay motivated, goals are important to keep you on track to achieving success. This blog will discuss how to set both small and large goals that help you maintain laser-focus and hit your targets!

Set Goals That Excite You

setting goals

Setting goals that excite you and get you pumped to get into the dealership are crucial to staying on track. Many people end up giving up on professional goals because they start with the largest, most time-consuming, and unexciting goals. As a result, motivation is low, and it’s hard to stay on track. Instead, start with something you know you can do and that you like doing.

For example, if you’re in the BDC and your favorite thing to do is set appointments, then set a goal regarding how many appointments you want to set that day. If you want to set 10 appointments in a day, then figure out how many voicemails, emails, and videos it will take in order to reach that goal of 10. The same goes for car salespeople who want to set a goal of selling two cars in one day. Once you have a specific number of appointments or sales in mind, think backward from that point and reverse engineer the process that it will take to reach that goal!

Set Small and Large Goals

Keeping motivated can be tricky. Especially when you’re working towards a big goal that you can’t reach for a week, a month, or more. That’s why it’s important to mix in small goals or even milestones toward bigger things. If you’re having trouble finding a place to start, a classic technique is the “Top 10 Goals” method:

  • Write down the top 10 things that you want to accomplish in the short or long-term.
  • Then, after getting everything down on paper, choose the goal that you think is the most important.
  • Now that you have this goal, on another sheet of paper, write down everything you need to do to accomplish this goal.

Once you have broken everything down into smaller milestones, you have something that you can constantly work towards. This keeps motivation up by allowing little wins on the way towards bigger goals! It’s recommended to keep reminders of what you need to accomplish every day. A good example of this is with an index card, or even a reminder on your phone.

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Setting SMARTER Goals

SMART goals are a common, proven way to achieve higher success in accomplishing objectives. To take it even further, automotive professionals who set SMARTER goals are setting themselves up achieve anything they set their mind to:


“S” stands for specific. Create specific goals that are highly focused rather than general, vague goals.


“M” stands for measurable. Create specific goals that are measurable so you can track your progress. Otherwise, the “A” in SMARTER becomes almost impossible to achieve.


“A” stands for accountability. With specific and measurable goals, you can hold yourself accountable as you progress towards achieving them. When writing down your goals, start with “I will…” “I can…” or “I’m going to…”


“R” stands for relevant or relatable. If you set a goal that is totally detached from your previous performance, it may not be a relevant goal. You might have difficulty relating yourself to an overly lofty goal as well.


“T” stands for time. Give yourself a time limit for completing your goals so you can hold yourself accountable. A deadline creates a sense of urgency in achieving your goals.


“E” stands for evaluate. Make sure you stop and check your progress along the way. Through evaluation, you can hold yourself accountable and check your progress in completing your goals.


“R” stands for reward. Reward yourself as you hit milestones along the way towards your goal. This is a great way to keep motivated and stay excited throughout the process.

Setting Goals Throughout the Month

It is hard to finish strong, when you start late. So, make just as much activity during the start of the month as you do at the end! If you want to break records and hit big numbers selling cars, have the same urgency you have on the last day of the month. When you put the effort in at the start and middle of the month, the close is so much stronger. Don’t let the beginning of a new month encourage you to take it easy. This will only make things harder on yourself towards the end of each month. Car salespeople who are always making activity and heading towards goals will achieve much more!

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