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Comprehensive Training And Performance Support


Learning Management System

RevDojo’s groundbreaking On-Demand Training Platform offers invaluable insights, tips, and the processes needed to succeed.

On Demand Training

Train staff like never before with

1,500+ On-Demand
Automotive Sales Training videos!

Ready-to-use, high quality training videos 1,500+ strong
Everything a salesperson need to know to succeed
And more!

White Label LMS

Your dealer, your content.

Upload your own original videos and create your own courses to add to our 1,500+ Training Academy!

Easy to use
Dedicated support team
And more!

Mobile LMS App

Reach your content and LMS anywhere you want!

Train, track, and manage your team’s progress on-the-go with our mobile LMS app available for both Apple and Android devices.


Mystery Shopping

Get an in-depth look into your dealership.

RevDojo’s premier Automotive Mystery Shopping provides an in-depth look into your dealership.


Compare and analyze data from your dealership, direct competitors, and thousands of dealers across the U.S.

Discover what top-performing dealerships are doing right with analytics from over 25,000 dealerships at your fingertips.

As the largest automotive mystery shop solution in the market, you will gain access to the highest-quality data available alongside in-depth reports on your team’s performance and competitors.

See if your dealership is in the top or bottom 10%

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Hiring Solutions

Career Fairs are an invaluable, yet often overlooked tool for modern dealers.

What makes the best dealership hire – attitude or experience?

Unfortunately, today’s online recruiting solutions miss the true value of in-person career fairs when hiring automotive professionals.

Dealership hires require not only a sharp mind, but people skills, motivation, and a fantastic attitude – hence “hire for attitude, train for skills.”

Our recruiting solution ensures that your dealership gets the best of both worlds!

RevDojo offers automotive career fairs that provide a continual introduction of the most ambitious and talented candidates to your dealership.

Don’t settle for good enough – RevDojo’s recruiting solutions allow you to staff your dealership with a level of quality that reflects the market leader your dealership is or aims to be.

Additional Services

Products & Services

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Video Production

Broadcast, online, and social media production designed & proven to boost brand awareness and traffic to your dealership.

Live Webinars

Engage your team & skyrocket your success with comprehensive Live Webinars delivered weekly.

Live Training

Supercharge your dealership with 20+ years of knowledge, insights and techniques.

Auto Dialer

Solve a problem or close a sale in real-time with chat. If no one is available, customers are seamlessly routed to email.