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Automotive BDC departments provide an extremely vital role in the success of their dealership. As such, effective management of this departments greatly affects the profitability of the dealer. Automotive BDC managers need to have a thorough understanding of the inner-workings of their dealership and the marketplace. They should know what vehicles are selling for, understand what the competition is doing, and have great product knowledge. Moreover, automotive BDC managers need to know the best ways to work with buyers. This way, they can effectively train their BDC staff to do the same with today’s educated customers.

Automotive BDC management that knows the market and can deliver in-depth training will bring their BDC team to a new level. This includes the phone processes, call guides, and various techniques and tips needed to succeed. Automotive BDC managers need to be in tune with their team. Car Sales BDC managers that are prepared and have trained their staff well can run their departments like well-oiled machines. Additionally, these BDC managers can meet buyer expectations and help salespeople close more deals. This blog will discuss automotive BDC manager tips that help bring your department to a new level!

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Hold Regular Meetings with Your BDC Team

The best way to keep track of your automotive BDC team is to hold regular meetings. For example, a 15-minute meeting with all of your BDC people each morning. This is a great way to start the morning, set some goals, do some training, and get everyone pumped up! An example of a daily morning BDC meeting might look like this:

  • First 5-minutes – talk about anything general that needs to get discussed, successes from the day before, and exciting things that are happening to help fire everyone up.
  • Next 5-minutes – role-play. Your BDC team can role-play call guide, situations, or objections to overcome.
  • Last 5-minutes – get everyone ready for the day. Go around the room and have your BDC team set some goals for the day. For example, a certain number of calls made and appointments set.

Utilize Mystery Shop Data for BDC Success

Mystery shop data is too valuable to not use. It will show you exactly what your automotive BDC team is doing right and help to show what is going wrong. Not to mention, you can even gather similar information on your direct competitors. So, gather everyone in a room once a week when mystery shops come in and review them together!

For example, go through mystery shop calls and voicemails. Have your automotive BDC team discuss the results and go through the processes to get everyone on the same page about what to improve. For the inbound call shops, make sure your team has a call guide in front of them. This way, they can listen to the call and make sure the person stayed on the process. Then, discuss with your team on where to improve and give compliments for what they did well. Similarly, for voicemails, play them and get feedback from the team.

This type of meeting may make people uncomfortable at first but it will elevate the game of the entire BDC department. If every week, your BDC team listened to voicemails, looked at emails, listened to sales calls, your team would be more successful. What will start out as a negative will turn into a huge positive and pump people up!

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Automotive BDC Manager Turnovers

In automotive BDC departments, manager turnovers oftentimes aren’t utilized as often as they should be. BDC staff can feel uncomfortable bringing numerous deals to their managers every day. So, it’s important to remind them that you are there to help!

When BDC staff have problems setting an appointment, use these turnovers as a chance to teach. Let them listen to you work the deal, so they can handle the issue the next time it arises. Car sales phone calls are extremely repetitive, so it’s a great opportunity to show your BDC team how to handle an issue. Furthermore, confirmation calls are a fantastic way to improve your dealership’s show ratio. So, it’s important to remind your automotive BDC team to bring you set appointments as well.

Automotive BDC Manager Turn Over Training

Automotive BDC Training is a Continuous Process

Continually training your automotive BDC team helps everyone stay sharp and learn new techniques. Modern buyers’ access to the digital automotive space has created an ever-changing marketplace. In turn, your BDC team needs to be ready to handle anything they might come across. To learn various tips, tricks, and insights that any BDC team can use to skyrocket their success selling over the phone, check out our past blogs:

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