Mastering the Phone

Gaining expert command over making or taking phone calls in automotive sales is an important skill. Without it, it’s near impossible to boost your sales numbers and begin to hit 20 to 30 or more vehicles sold per month. Luckily, situations in automotive sales repeat. So, by learning the right techniques and steps used to move deals forward, it can become far easier to consistently succeed over the phone. In this blog, learn not only the techniques and steps required to succeed more in automotive sales phone calls, but watch and learn as they’re used on live calls!

live call in automotive sales

Live Call: The Double Call

A double call is a great, and often underutilized technique, perfect for breaking through to customers over the phone. A double call is when a buyer doesn’t answer and you immediately call them back.

Automotive sales professionals can feel apprehensive towards this technique because they’re worried that the customer will get upset. However, they want you to call them! That’s why they gave you their personal contact information. If you get straight to the point and get the buyer the information they want, they will be happy to take your call, and you will set far more appointments as a result.

Live Call: Handling Objections

Oftentimes, objections are not serious and handling them appropriately will allow you to smoothly move past them. The reality is that even though customers have been raised to be wary of sales calls from dealership, they’re the ones who submitted a lead. They want you to call and they want to set an appointment. So, don’t overreact and turn a small objection into a big one. Just keep things moving and keep things positive!

Live Call: Add Urgency

Follow along as we set an appointment sooner than a customer originally asked for. By adding a sense of urgency to the deal, we were able to work around the time constraints the buyer expressed and keep the deal from the stalling. The sooner the buyer gets in the better! This keeps the deal fresh and ensures the car they want is still on the lot.

Live Call: The Trade

In this live call, follow along as we were able to set an appointment by utilizing the customer’s trade. The trade is a fantastic way to set an appointment even when you don’t have a vehicle a customer interested in.

In this situation, a lot of buyers will ask to hear numbers over the phone. However, to move past this a majority of the time, just assure the customer that they will get a great deal. Phone calls that start off aimed at buying the customer’s current vehicle is a great way to grab attention and get them excited to come down to the dealership. Then, once they are at the dealership there’s great potential to turn that into a car deal!

Live Call: Special Finance Buyers

Listen along as we call a dealership to see how they react to a bad credit buyer. In this live mystery shop, even though we appeared flexible and easy to work with, the sales person did not go for the appointment. Yet, special finance buyers are still hot deals. Instead, work the deal using the steps explained in this video, and become far more successful at setting appointments with bad credit buyers!

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Live Call: Unsold Showroom Traffic

When following up with a customer who left without purchasing a vehicle, it’s important to have multiple ways to re-engage them. This includes expanding your inventory, offering a custom order or dealer locate, or even asking them to return for a free vehicle appraisal. Find something that sticks and then use that to set the appointment!