Prospecting and Lead Generation

Nowadays, you can’t just rely on walk-in customers or leads provided by your dealership if you want to experience massive success in car sales. To achieve a large number of car sales each month, it’s crucial to be able to use prospecting techniques to generate your own leads. Luckily, in the modern automotive industry, there are more ways than ever to prospect. In dealerships all across the globe, automotive professionals are generating their own leads every day. Yet, it can be slightly overwhelming to figure out where to start prospecting. So, in this blog, we will break down the car sales prospecting techniques you need to know to start generating your own leads!

car sales prospecting techniques

Car Sales Prospecting: Facebook


Facebook is an amazing channel for prospecting in car sales. It can be a great place to build a following to help you prospect and sell more cars in the automotive industry. Increase your Facebook presence by asking your showroom floor customers for reviews and to follow you on social media. This helps you in two ways. First, it means that you will stay fresh in the buyer’s mind for the next time they want to purchase a vehicle. However, it also means that when they react to your posts, their friends and family will also see it allowing you to reach new prospects.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a fantastic, yet still underutilized, source to generate leads in car sales. Here, you can engage with prospects right in your local area. Facebook Marketplace allows your posts to reach prospects within a 40-mile range, so you have quite a lot of reach. You will not be able to post listings with new cars, but there’s still plenty of opportunity to prospect and generate leads.

Of course, a great prospecting technique is to post used vehicles at your dealership on Facebook Marketplace. Although, another great option to prospect here is to engage with those listing their used vehicle for sale. When a prospect doesn’t want to trade their vehicle in, it’s usually because they want more for their trade. Or, they feel that they can’t trust dealership valuations. So, message them about how your dealership offers top-dollar for trade and offer them a free appraisal to get them down to the dealership. Once you can get a prospect down to the dealership, there’s a lot of opportunity to purchase their vehicle and then sell them a new one.

Car Sales Prospecting: Instagram + Facebook

When you’re already posting to Facebook, it just makes sense to utilize Instagram as well. To engage followers and prospect on both social channels, it’s important to post a variety of compelling content. This includes things such as exciting vehicle walkarounds, great photos of cars, limited-time offers and deals, and events. With Instagram, make sure to also do plenty of hashtag research so your posts reach more people. For Facebook and Instagram, it’s also a great idea to regularly upload to your story and check insights for valuable data you can use to improve post engagement.

Car Sales Prospecting: Craigslist

Similar to Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist is a great place to generate leads by engaging prospects on their vehicle. When you get a Craigslist prospect, don’t miss the opportunity to complement them on their use of Craigslist. Ensure these prospects that Craigslist users always get a great deal from your dealership and offer a free appraisal.

car sales prospecting techniques

Car Sales Prospecting: Email

An incredibly good way to prospect in car sales is through email blasts. Your dealership already has thousands upon thousands of potential leads just waiting in the CRM. So, use this to your advantage! It’s likely that you will find prospects who are looking to get a new vehicle or were thinking about it but needed an extra push to make a move. Send out a mix of attractive, newer vehicles, sprinkle in some vehicles that have been on your lot a while, and make it exciting with some type of special. In turn, this will create a lot of opportunity and is a great way to generate extra leads in car sales.

Car Sales Prospecting: Referrals

Every dealership has those few car sales veterans who can sell numerous vehicles through referrals alone. Referrals are such a great source of opportunity in the automotive industry. So, every time you have a customer who purchased a vehicle or just had a good experience with you, make sure to politely ask them for a referral.

Hand out a business card and mention that you can help the customer’s friends or family buy, sell, or service a vehicle. This is a soft way to ask for a referral. Here, the customer might even mention the name of a prospect on the spot and give you some contact info. If you make asking for a referral part of your exit strategy as a customer leaves the dealership, it’s a great way to pick up extra deals. When a prospect leaves without purchasing a car, you may even be able to replace one lost opportunity with a fresh one!