The Automotive Voicemail

With the rise of more advanced phones, social media, and various other communication methods, is a voicemail still effective in modern automotive sales? The short answer is YES! The goal is still the same – to sell customer engagement and the call back, not an appointment or a car deal. However, as the times change, the way to properly utilize voicemails has changed as well. Customers have access to more methods of communication and far more information than ever before. So, while this has caused the car sales voicemail to lose some of its power, it’s still a great addition to a stacked arsenal of diversified follow-up.

So, know how to engage buyers with attitude, insights, and techniques that make you stand out from the crowd and get in touch with buyers. As a result, you will receive more callbacks, which will increase your appointments set and car deals made each month! When you hear the beep, it’s time to record — this blog will discuss how you can leave automotive voicemails that engage the buyer and expertly sell why they should call you back!

Voicemails are for…Reading?

These days, due to voice-to-text technology, buyers are more likely to read their voicemails than listen. Before leaving an automotive voicemail, ask yourself, “If the buyer reads it, would Google or any other transcription service have an easy time converting my voicemail into text?” Make sure you speak clearly and say your phone number twice at the end of the voicemail so the customer can simply tap it and call you back. Every time you leave a voicemail, you should be focusing on engaging the customer in order to get that callback from a potential buyer. So, make it easy for the customer to read your voicemail quickly, click your number, and get you on the phone.

What Does an Effective Voicemail Include?

When you’re trying to break through to buyers, it’s important to be quick to the point. When a customer checks their voicemail, you want to quickly catch their attention to avoid being just another ignored message. Acknowledge what the buyer’s trying to do, say that you can help them, and offer more. By giving the buyer more than they originally inquired on, they will be enticed to call you back. Anytime that you can add urgency into the deal is also a huge plus, as this encourages action. Here are some tried-and-true voicemails for different situations:

I Have What You Want AND…

When you’re trying to engage the buyer, it’s important to tell them that you can do everything they want and more! For example:

“Hi (Buyer), this is (Your Name) from (dealership). The reason I am calling is to let you know we still have that truck you want, as well as a lot of similar trucks that I think you might be interested in.”

The Lease Voicemail

For price-sensitive customers, try:

“Hi (Buyer), this is (Your Name) from (dealership). I wanted to let you know that the lease special you were interested in is still going on, even though it is ending soon. And, I have a couple of other options that could save you even more money!”

The Price Voicemail

For price-sensitive customers, try:

“Hi (Buyer), this is (Your Name) from (dealership). That car that you were interested in is still available; and, I think we have a couple of other vehicles that are even more affordable.”

The Trade-In Voicemail

Some customers just don’t want to be sold something over the phone. When you have a buyer that doesn’t respond to any of your communications related to the vehicle they submitted a lead on, switch it up! If the buyer has a car that they’re looking to sell or trade, making that the focal point of your automotive voicemail is a great way to engage. When you switch the focus from selling to the buyer to BUYING from the buyer, you can increase your chances of breaking through.

For example:

“Hi (Buyer), this is (Your Name) from (Dealership). The reason I’m calling you is because I wanted to see if you still had your (current vehicle). We are looking to buy cars like that right now and I would love to make you an offer. Give me a call back as soon as you get the chance. I think you are going to be pretty excited with what I can do for you!”


How You Sound

When you leave a voicemail, you want the customer to envision someone that they would actually want to call back. Even though it’s likely that they will read the voicemail, that isn’t always going to be the case. Monotonous and boring voicemails will reduce the number of customer callbacks you receive. Remember, you’re competing with other car dealers, so it’s dangerous to leave a boring voicemail. Instead, have an infectious attitude that, alongside urgency and great information, inspires buyers to take action. Do this and you will experience a major uptick in customer call-backs!

Diversify Your Follow-Up

A voicemail is just one of many tools in your toolbox that will help you reach the buyer. Moreover, a voicemail is much more effective when it’s used in conjunction with the other available tools. Car sale professionals should want to send the buyer a great email, video, text, and more alongside multiple voicemails. These voicemails should have multiple different approaches until you find something that sticks. Remember, the only way to know if you’ve sent enough follow up is to hear back from the buyer!