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RevDojo offers automotive career fairs that provide a continual introduction of the most ambitious and talented candidates.


Career Fair

Career Fairs are an invaluable, yet often overlooked tool for modern dealers.

What makes the best dealership hire – attitude or experience?

Unfortunately, today’s online recruiting solutions miss the true value of in-person career fairs when hiring automotive professionals. Dealership hires require not only a sharp mind, but people skills, motivation, and a fantastic attitude

– hence “hire for attitude, train for skills.”
Our recruiting solution ensures that your dealership gets the best of both worlds!


Everything you need to know about the Career Fairs. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please feel free to contact us.

How are RevDojo’s Career Fairs different from online recruiting?

Oftentimes, people’s online resumes do not reflect how they interact with buyers. Consequently, dealerships end up with unmotivated staff with poor people skills. On the other hand, our career fairs guarantee that your dealership is staffed up with the best. Alongside an impressive resume, we pursue people-oriented, motivated hires with great attitudes.

How do Automotive Career Fairs work?

Simply let us know what positions need staffing and we’ll take it from there! We run the ads, interview candidates, and bring you the best applicants for your dealership. As a result, our automotive career fairs can staff an entire store in as little as one event!

What positions can be filled with RevDojo’s recruiting solutions?

We can staff any position in a dealership – including Service Managers, Service Writers, Quick Lane Technicians, General Managers, General Sales Managers, Sales Professionals, BDC Staff, and more!

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