The Test Drive

Studies have shown that the test drive, or demonstration drive, is the customer’s favorite part of the car buying experience. Here, car sales professionals can not only sell the vehicle, but can give the customer a chance to get a feel for it too. This is highly valuable opportunity to have the buyer to take mental ownership of the car. By achieving this with a perfect test drive, your chances of selling the car today will drastically increase. That’s why a car sales professional’s ability to deliver a perfect demonstration drive is absolutely crucial to succeeding at a dealership. In this blog, learn how to do just that and drive your sales numbers through the roof!

Get a Set Test Drive Route

To deliver a perfect test drive, it’s very important to have a set demo route. This is a pre-planned route that’s designed to give the customer the best experience while test driving the vehicle. Your dealership should already have one in place. So, if you don’t know your set demo route, ask your manager to get you a copy of one. These set routes are beneficial for many reasons. For one, it’s just the best way to drive to give the customer an easy, pressure-free drive, so they can optimally enjoy the vehicle. However, it also makes the salesperson’s job easier by allowing them to focus more on the customer instead of navigating a new route.

How to Deliver a Perfect Test Drive | Car Sales Training

The Perfect Test Drive – Step #1

The first step to a perfect test drive is for the car sales professional to drive the car off the lot. This is the salesperson’s chance to sell, and it also serves as a break for the customer to admire the vehicle and get comfortable. While driving, the salesperson can point out and demonstrate all the amazing features the vehicle has to offer. This could be the navigation system, sunroof or any other feature or equipment that makes the vehicle shine. If proper fact finding was performed early in the deal, information on the customer’s like and dislikes, needs and wants, motivators and more should especially be touched on during this stage.

The Perfect Test Drive – Step #2

The second step to a perfect test drive is the transfer. This is where the salesperson switches with the customer, so they can drive the vehicle. This stage is another important reason why a set demo route is important. An effective set demo route will have this area be a neutral location like supermarket or mall. The benefit to these types of areas is that it could help put in perspective how nice the new vehicle is. In addition, this is one last opportunity to do a quick walk around and sell using all the buyer’s hot buttons.

The Perfect Test Drive – Step #3

To wrap up a perfect test drive, the last step is to let the customer drive back to the dealership. Now, it’s your time to be quiet. The first two steps were your time to sell. Now, it’s time to let the buyer experience the feel of the wheel. This is where things solidify and become a done deal. The only time a salesperson should talk during this step is to give directions or to answer any of the customer’s questions. Other than that, just let the buyer enjoy the drive until you make your way back to the dealership.

After Pulling Back into the Dealership

Even though the test drive is over, the deal isn’t done yet. Once arriving back at the dealership, now is the time to make something happen. Remember, if the deal is never asked for, the deal will never be closed. That’s why, no matter what a salesperson thinks about a deal, they need to ask for the write up every single time. There’s no way to know what’s going through a customer’s mind. Even in situations where it seems like they were uninterested, these same buyers may just come inside to see the numbers and buy the vehicle today. So, to wrap up the perfect test drive, ask for the write up 100% of the time!


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