The Importance of a Perfect Demonstration Drive

It’s no secret that the demonstration drive is almost every customer’s favorite part of the entire car buying experience. In fact, 81% of people said that the demo drive was their favorite part of the sales process! As such, the demo is a major deciding factor for whether or not the buyer will purchase a vehicle today. So, it is extremely important to have consistency and proficiency in your demo! Acquiring mastery in everything leading up to, during, and after the demonstration drive is necessary to moving more units each month and becoming a top performing car salesperson!

Being prepared, having extensive product knowledge, and executing a perfect walk-around before any demo will set you up for success. Then, utilize the techniques needed to give the buyer a flawless demonstration drive. Make sure that buyers have a fantastic experience and don’t let them drive alone – be a part of the experience! Show them all of the features and benefits, do a solid walkaround, and drive the vehicle yourself. This way the buyer can experience everything without the distraction of driving it themselves. By the time you pull back into the dealership, have buyers feeling energized and ready to see the numbers. Remember, the goal is always to have a 100% write-up ratio for all customers.

This blog will cover everything you need to know to set up the perfect demonstration drive that moves any buyer in the direction of a closed car deal!

Being Prepared for a Perfect Demonstration Drive

You want to be able to execute a perfect walk-around and demo every time you interact with a buyer. So, it’s vital that you stay knowledgeable on the vehicles on your lot! The buyer should be impressed when listening to you passionately going over the vehicle. Alongside knowledge, it’s important to have a strong walk-around to help grow the buyer’s interest further. A great way to prepare for a solid walk-around is to practice beforehand. Video yourself doing your walk-around and critique it after so you can perfect it!

A vital aspect of having a flawless demonstration drive every single time is following a set route for your demo. So, ask your manager for your dealership’s set route. This route will highlight how great the vehicle is while making the driving experience as smooth as possible. As a result, you can ensure a perfectly consistent demonstration drive each and every time!

Transitioning to the Demo

Nowadays, more and more car salespeople tend to do fact-finding on the buyer’s current vehicle before walking the lot and finding a car to demo. This is great for the buyer and for you! Not only will you have a much easier time landing the buyer on the perfect car, but you can save the buyer time by having their trade appraised while going on the demonstration drive. To learn more, check out our fact-finding best practices blog here!

Fact-finding will help you have confidence that the buyer is extremely interested in a particular vehicle. So, to transition to the demonstration drive, just excuse yourself and go get the key without asking about the demo. If you explain what you are about to do and what paperwork is needed for the demonstration drive, that can blow up the deal. Then, when you return with the key, go straight for the car, ask the customer to take a step back, and pull the vehicle out. Now, you can start your walk-around as normal. After the walk-around, get in the driver’s seat and ask the customer to get in the passenger seat. Then, get ready to drive off of the lot.

**At this point, you should shoot a photo of the customer’s driver’s license + signed demonstration agreement and send them to your manager.

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What to Do When a Buyer Doesn’t Want the Demo

If a buyer doesn’t want to drive a car, just go into agreement with them. This can become a fairly common situation nowadays as buyers feel they know everything from their online research. However, the demo is still one of the most important areas of the sales process needed to close the deal today!

So, let them know that you are going to get a manager to run the numbers and then get the car and pull it up to the front of the dealership. Tell the buyer that they have some time before they can see numbers and that the car is right out front. Since they need to wait, they should at least just come take another look and make sure that all of the equipment is okay. Then, bring them out to a running car. Once they are out at the car, it is very likely that they are going to hop in for the demo drive.

Steps to the Perfect Demonstration Drive

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  1. A perfect demonstration drive always starts with the salesperson driving the car off of the lot. This gives the buyer a chance to get comfortable with the vehicle and check out the features without the pressure of having to drive at the same time. As you drive off the lot and through your set route, this is your time to sell the car to the buyer. Explain all of the amazing features, equipment, and details about the vehicle to the buyer. From the A/C to the navigation system, you should play up every feature!
  2. Now, midway through the demo drive, stop the car and switch seats with the buyer. Your set demo route should take you to a neutral location. This area should be well-lit and picturesque to help the vehicle look its best while you switch. A place with a lot of cars may also help make the car they are test driving look more attractive by giving the buyer perspective on how nice the vehicle they are demoing is. Use this situation as a mini-walk-around to further sell how nice the vehicle is.
  3. At this stage, other than giving directions and answering questions, you should not speak while the customer is driving. Let the feel of the wheel sell the vehicle for you! Remember, a majority of buyers look forward to this stage of the sales process. In turn, you need to give them space to enjoy driving the vehicle.
  4. Once returning to the dealership, the goal is always to write-up 100% of customers. So, always ask the buyer to come inside the dealership and see numbers! If you are afraid to show numbers to the customer, regardless of the reason, you won’t sell the vehicle. Even though some of your fears may be valid, if you want to close the deal, you have got to take the chance and show 100% of buyers numbers. In today’s world, whoever delivers the most write-ups is going to sell the most vehicles!

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