“I Don’t Need to Test Drive the Car”

Every so often, a customer walks in and says “I don’t need to test drive the car” or “I just want the numbers.” These objections are something that every automotive sales professional has heard before – likely more than once. It’s a common objection that is used by many customers for a variety of different reasons. However, by skipping the demonstration drive, deals become far weaker, and it is a disservice to the buyer as well.

In fact, studies have shown that the test drive is a majority of customer’s favorite part of the sales process. The test drive is a crucial area of the car sales process and one that should, whenever possible, not be skipped over. By understanding how to get the test drive in these situations, you will become far more effective at selling cars. In this blog, learn how to handle “I don’t need to test drive the car” in automotive sales!

Why Do Customers Object to The Test Drive?

There could be a variety of reasons why customers toss out “I don’t need to test drive the car.” One might be that they feel that they have seen enough information online. Yet, nothing beats truly getting the feel of the wheel. Not only does the test drive make the customer want to buy, but it will allow them to make sure that the vehicle is truly for them. It would be a shame, and disservice, to have a buyer purchase a vehicle that they afterwards find out isn’t a good fit for them.

Another reason this objection may be used is as a result of the customer’s hesitancy to work with dealerships. They might say “I only have 15 minutes” or “I just want the numbers”, but oftentimes these objections are just the product of an inherit distrust that buyers have when working with car sales professionals. It’s nothing personal, but most people have been raised to be wary of purchasing a vehicle. So, there’s no need to let this deter you from going for the test drive. If they truly don’t have the time or absolutely just want the numbers, then they will tell you. Although, this doesn’t mean that sales professionals should give up after one attempt.

Why is the Test Drive Important?

The test drive is where car deals solidify. Not only is this the customer’s favorite part of the sales process, but it is where you can really sell. Here, you’re able to point out all of the amazing features and equipment, and then the buyer can directly experience them. By taking a demonstration drive, the customer begins to take mental ownership of the vehicle and can really imagine how great it would be to own a new car. It will be far more difficult to close a deal with a customer that hasn’t taken a test drive as opposed to one that has.

How to Handle “I Don’t Need to Test Drive the Car”

When you cannot get a buyer to take a demonstration drive, the deal will become a lot harder to close. So, it’s crucial to stay prepped with techniques that can help you get the test drive even when the customer originally refuses. One extremely powerful way to move past this objection is to get the customer out to the vehicle without applying pressure.

While waiting for the numbers, you likely have some time anyways, and you should let the buyer know this. Have the car already pulled out front and then tell the customer that you have a few minutes to kill and to follow you outside check everything one last time. Once the buyer is outside, making the test drive happen is easy! Here are some example word tracks that could be used:

Customer: “I just want the numbers.”

Sales Professional: “Oh, okay. You have 10 minutes and you just want the numbers? Great! I’ll be more than happy to give you the numbers. It won’t take me long at all. Go ahead and grab a seat.”

Now, go do what you need to do and also pull the vehicle right up front outside of the window.

Sales Professional: “My manager is getting those numbers ready for you. I got the car right here just to make sure it’s equipped the right way. Could you follow me outside real quick?”

Bring out everything you would need to take a test drive and then as the customer is checking out the vehicle, say:

Sales Professional: “You know what? We have 10 minutes. Why don’t we just drive it?”


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