“I Need to Sleep on It”

Whether you’re a long time pro or a new sales professional, you have no doubt heard the objection “I need to sleep on it.” Whatever the reason behind this objection, it comes up often because customers know that it works. In many cases, buyers use this objection because they don’t want to feel pressured by sales professionals to make a purchase today. Yet, in almost every case, that same customer is already committed to making a purchase.

So, then why do customers use this objection? Typically, it stems from a natural distrust of working with dealerships. However, the times have never been more transparent. With the rise of modern technology, customers have all of the information and are most likely only stalling because while it’s a great deal, something is holding them back from pulling in the trigger. In this blog, learn how to handle “I need to sleep on it” and close more car deals as a result!

sleep on it

“I Need to Sleep on It” in the Close

This objection is very likely going to appear towards the close or soon before. At this stage, customers should be landed on a vehicle that they love, but many still feel hesitancy for some reason. As a result, the customer wants to buy some time. However, most customers don’t want to waste their time. They are here to buy a vehicle, and you are able to help them! Reassure them that they are getting a great deal on a fantastic vehicle, and if that doesn’t move past it, then it’s time to get into the objection.

Narrow It Down

When a buyer tells you “I just need to sleep on it”, it’s highly likely that something is bothering them and preventing them from moving forward with the deal. Usually, this objection usually comes up because the buyer has an issue with either the money or the vehicle.

If it has to do with the vehicle, figure out if it is the vehicle, equipment, color, styling, or engine. Find out what would make the perfect vehicle for your buyer! Your dealership should have plenty of other vehicles that would be a great match for the customer.

However, if the customer has already made it all the way to close with you, then many will say it is because of the money. There’s no reason to panic and assume that this is a pricing objection though. If it is the money, figure out if it is the price, monthly payment, down payment, interest rate, or appraisal value. Very often, it’s not a problem with the pricing, but if you assume it is, then it will become about the pricing. Once you narrow down this information, it will be much easier to figure out how to close the deal!

If you’d like to learn how to handle this objection when it is about the price, click here to read more about handling pricing objections!

When “I Need to Sleep on It” Becomes “I Need to Shop Around”

Sometimes, you’re working on narrowing down what is stopping the customer from progressing and they switch their objection. A common replacement for “I need to sleep on it” is oftentimes “I need to shop around first.” This very well could be what’s actually preventing the customer from making a purchase; they feel that they need to check other dealerships to ensure that they are getting a great deal.

To handle this change in objections, start off by showing the customer that you understand what they’re saying. Once you do this, explain why the buyer is at the right place and build urgency in the deal. Then, go for the close. Remember, it’s a hassle for the customer to go to multiple other dealerships when they’re already landed on a great vehicle. So, they really just need reassurance that they’re getting a great deal and a good reason why they should do the deal now! For example:

“I understand that you want to shop around first. I’d want to do the same if I was purchasing a car. For the way this vehicle is equipped though, this is a great deal. It has everything you’re looking for, and I have to warn you, since the marketplace is so crazy right now, this car probably won’t be around long. I think we should just do this!”


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