Appointment Show Ratio

Once an automotive sales professional sets an appointment, and even before that happens, they should start working on increasing the show ratio of the deal. A set appointment is an incredible feeling, but one that will be in vain if the customer doesn’t even show up. So, it’s important to communicate in a way that compels buyers to not only set an appointment, but also to come into your dealership. In this blog, learn how to increase your show ratio in automotive sales!

increase your show ratio today

More Than Just One

The more ways you are able to engage a customer, the better. So, whenever possible, attempt to engage customers on more than just the vehicle they’re interested in. Additionally, aim to expand your inventory with similar vehicles to what the customer is interested in and ask them about their trade. This is a great action plan because it not only gives you more opportunities to set the appointment, but can also increase your show ratio. An appointment set on the vehicle a buyer submitted on, great similar options, and a free appraisal is a lot stronger than one just set on one car. Give customers plenty of reasons to walk through your dealership’s doors!

Create a Mental Image

When communicating with a customer, attitude is everything! This especially true in situations where a customer cannot see you, such as a phone call, but applies to video as well. Buyers unconsciously form mental images of the salesperson they speak with. So, it’s best to stay positive. A negative or unexcited attitude will create an image of someone a customer will not want to do business with. Instead, keep things upbeat and find plenty of opportunities to complement the customer, such as on the vehicle they’re interested in or their trade.

Enter the Information

After setting an appointment, immediately enter relevant information into your CRM. It’s important to stay in front of customers, especially when their appointments are more than a few days out. That being said, follow up that feels robotic and unpersonal puts consumers off to the buying experience of your dealership. Make sure you have information readily available, so you can have great follow up and be prepared when they walk in for their appointment.

Follow Up

Following up after setting an appointment is a fantastic way to improve your show ratio. It helps you stay fresh in the customer’s mind, gets them excited for their appointment, and lets them feel how great your customer service is. For example, after setting the appointment, walk outside to the vehicle they’re interested in and shoot a video. This allows the customer to see the vehicle and all of its amazing features, which creates excitement. It also gives you a chance to sell yourself. Get on camera with a big smile and great attitude to let customers know how easy and great it is to do business with you.

Another example of some amazing follow up can be done the day of the appointment. Send the customer a text or video giving them all of the information that they need for the appointment: where to park, directions, where to find you, what you’ll be wearing, etc. This helps make the appointment feel real to the customer and will ultimately improve your show ratio. On the flipside, when you deliver customer service this great, customers that aren’t planning on coming in will be more likely to let you know and save you the trouble of waiting around for a no-show.

Manager Confirmation Call

While this is a manager confirmation call, it’s better to think of it as a welcome call. Getting your manager to call your customers to thank them for setting an appointment and welcome them to the dealership is great for increasing your show ratio. This is because it creates a VIP customer experience and also gives your sales manager a chance to talk you up to the buyer. So, your show ratio will improve while also creating a deal that should be easier to work when the customer shows up.