“I’m Not Buying” Objections in Car Sales

When you approach customers on the showroom floor, there’s a high chance you will get hit with a classic “I’m not buying today” objection. Although, if you avoid this objection, it’s still likely that you will get hit with something similar. This is because customers often toss out objections like this from reflex. Modern buyers are afraid that they will get taken advantage of, so they often say things like:

  • “I’m not buying today.”
  • “I’m just looking.”
  • “I need to sleep on it.”
  • “I need to talk to my wife first.”
  • “I need to think about it.”
  • “I don’t have time today.”

However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t serious buyers – they are! When customers use these objections, it likely means a couple of things. They don’t want to feel pressured to buy a car today (even if they want to make the purchase) or they are nervous that a sales person will take advantage of them. Yet, customers nowadays have done plenty of research before ever coming into a dealership! So, not only have they made a commitment to buy a vehicle already, but they likely already have all of the information! Now, it’s up to you to close that deal. In this blog, learn to overcome objections like “I’m not buying today” like a car sales pro!

Handle car sales objections I'm not buying

Early in the Deal – “I’m Not Buying”

When you get hit with objections like this in the greeting or early in the car deal, don’t worry! Remember, these are very likely just reflex objections and not serious ones. Buyers have been taught to be on edge during the car buying process, so they feel that they have to say something. To handle objections like this early in the deal, just take the pressure away. Once you do that, you can simply move forward with your sales process. Here are some example objections response word tracks you can use to overcome objections:

Customer: “I’m not buying anything today.”

Salesperson: “No problem! You don’t have to buy anything today. Before you leave, we can find some cars you like, go on a test drive, and get you pricing information so you have something to compare against while you’re out shopping. Follow me.”

Customer: “I’m just looking.”

Salesperson: “No problem, a lot of people come in just to look. Follow me!”

Customer: “I need to talk to my wife first.”

Salesperson: “No problem! We can just make today a looking day. You don’t have to make a decision until you speak with your wife. Follow me!”

Customer: “I only have 30 minutes.”

Salesperson: “No problem! In 30 minutes, we can take a look at some cars, get you the numbers, and do anything else you want. Follow me!”

Handle Objections with Understanding

As shown in the above examples, ‘parroting’ objections is a great way to overcome them! Classic objections in car sales like “I’m not buying” or “I’m just looking” do not have to hold up car deals. A majority of the time, overcoming these objections is as simple as letting buyers know that you are listening. To do this, repeat back what they said and then move forward with your sales process. When you make customers feel heard, a lot of these instinctive objections just fade away. Remember, they are at your dealership and want to go through your sales process!

“I’m Not Buying” After the Demonstration Drive

After the test drive is another common area to get hit with these types of objections. However, these are still largely reflex. At this point, the buyer has done the research, come to the dealership, and driven the car – they are committed to doing something! In fact, it would be a disservice to not get these buyers the numbers after they’ve spent so much time.

Even in situations where the buyer seems totally non-committal, it’s still better to have an uncommitted buyer looking at the numbers than no buyer at all. No write up = no sale! In situations where buyers throw out objections after the test drive, say something like:

“Hey, no problem! I know you’re probably not buying a car today and that’s alright. Let’s go inside so I can show you the numbers and you can use those figures to compare while you’re out shopping. Come on in!”

Handle “I Need to Sleep on It”

Objections like “I need to sleep on it” or “I need to think about it” are common ways buyers try to prolong deals. However, they are still committed to purchasing a vehicle. So, if you want to close the deal today, you need to find out what is preventing them from taking action. Determine what is preventing your buyer from moving forward with the deal; whether the vehicle or the money!

If it has to do with the vehicle, figure out if it is the vehicle, equipment, color, styling, or engine. Find out what would make the perfect vehicle for your buyer! If it is the money, figure out if it is the price, down payment, interest rate, or appraisal value. Find out what aspect of the money is preventing them from moving forward! Once you know the main thing that is holding them back, it becomes a lot easier to make something work today!

Be Prepared with One Liners – “I’m Not Buying”

Before reading this blog today, you’ve likely heard of every objection we mentioned today. That’s because objections in car sales repeat! Therefore, an objection should only catch you by surprise once! Once you know that these objections are coming, you should be ready to handle them. Practice using one liners, pre-prepared phrases that you know work, and you will overcome objections a lot easier!