The Best Car Salesperson!


In the modern automotive space, salespeople need to stay on-point to expertly handle any opportunity that presents itself. The best car salesperson is equipped with the selling best practices needed to dominate the showroom floor! They constantly strive for success and advancement. Even when a pro loses a sale or faces a difficult situation, they handle the adversity with poise and learn from their mistakes. Being a better salesperson tomorrow requires a hunger for success today!

Remember, when you are prepared, treat every customer like they are buying a car today, and have the most outflow, you will sell more cars. To increase car deals made, salespeople also need to look and act the part of a true professional in both appearance and attitude. Have enthusiasm for everything you do during the deal. When you are excited to show the buyer a car or introduce your manager, the buyer becomes excited!

In this blog, we will discuss tried-and-true selling best practices that have been proven to increase performance on the showroom floor!

Who is Your Buyer?

When you start any car deal, it’s imperative to know who your buyer is – a buyer! In today’s automotive market, customers have access to incredible amounts of information online. In turn, before they ever pull into your dealership, they have spent hours researching what they want, pricing, payments, and more! This shows commitment to purchasing a vehicle. So, regardless of the impression you get of a buyer, commit to giving them 5-star service and bringing them through every step of your sales process! When you believe a buyer is committed to purchasing a vehicle, they become committed as well. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy; if you believe the opposite, the opposite will also be true.

Selling in Style – Look the Part

A true automotive salesperson looks the part in both appearance and attitude. Remember, for most buyers, purchasing a vehicle is an extremely large purchase, perhaps the largest they’ve ever made! In return, they expect to be greeted by and work with a professional. The best car salesperson is dressed for the role and exudes an infectious attitude that makes customers feel that they have come to the right place.

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Outflow – The Best Car Salesperson Does the Most!

The top-performing salespeople at your dealership will all have one vital thing in common – outflow! Salespeople who are always looking for new opportunity create activity that gives way to more car deals. This means making more calls, sending more emails and texts, shooting videos, and walking the lot. Downtime at the dealership is what you make of it. As a result, those who are always moving will set more appointments and sell more cars!

If you have free time, dive into your CRM and see what opportunity you can create. For example, pick up the phone or send an email to long-term follow-up buyers. Or, send out an email blast to unclosed buyers and customers who bought from your dealership over a year ago. Every dealership’s CRM is loaded with hundreds, if not thousands, of opportunities just waiting to be transformed into a car deal. The salesperson who does the most, sells the most!

Sell with Urgency


One of the most important parts of any great car deal is a sense of urgency. Buyers are in the market now and are most likely shopping around at other dealerships. So, always give buyers amazing reasons to do something now! For example, limited-time rebates, great inventory that won’t last long on the lot, or how it’s a great time to sell their current vehicle. When you give buyers good reasons, things happen now!

However, don’t mistake urgency for pressure. The best salespeople don’t pressure buyers to make a move. Instead, they give time-sensitive reasons why the customer should visit the dealership or buy the car today!

Handle Adversity

It’s important to remember that the automotive sales industry is a largely service-based job. When you get hit with an objection or a problem arises, you need to be able to take a punch. You represent yourself and the dealership in these situations. Giving buyers a piece of your mind only ends up damaging your deal, career, and potentially future deals from negative online reviews. On the other hand, handling adversity with poise allows you to move past most issues and keep a lot of deals alive! Keep calm, have a positive attitude, and look for how to overcome issues and get back to your sales process.

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Master Every Step of the Sales Process

A master of the showroom floor sales process translates to better customer service, landing the buyer on the perfect vehicle, and closing more deals today! This develops confidence in selling technique and creates a sales pro that can respond accordingly to any situation. Free from worry of staying on track, these salespeople also have more attention to listen for what the buyer really needs. For a comprehensive breakdown of every step in the showroom sales process, check out our previous blogs here: