Staying Motivated in Automotive Sales

As an automotive sales professional, everyone has off days, weeks, and even months. During these slumps, it can be hard to keep motivation up and power through. Yet, these situations often can affect deals more than most think. Allowing these times to keep you from staying active and approaching each deal with a great attitude, whether consciously or not, will only prolong these negatives situations. Therefore, the ability to stay motivated in automotive sales, so you can keep your sales numbers high, is a crucially important skill for automotive sales professionals. In this blog, learn how to stay motivated in automotive sales!

stay motivated in automotive sales

Set Realistic Goals

Setting goals sounds easy enough, but sticking with them tends to be the problem for most. The issue that many automotive sales professionals run into is that they set unrealistic, large goals. It’s extremely hard to stay motivated long term as you work towards a goal that could take months to achieve. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big, but make sure that you set up a system that allows you to feel accomplishment along the way.

So, if your goal for the month is to sell 30 vehicles, then map out smaller goals that help you accomplish that bigger target. If this means setting 10 appointments every day, then further figure out how many phone calls, texts, voicemails, emails, and videos you will likely need to hit that smaller goal. While there’s no magic number to setting 10 appointments, having concrete and specific goals allow you to focus and commit your time and energy to achieving something now. This will keep your motivation up along the road to your bigger goals.

Stay Accountable

Accountability is huge in staying motivated towards accomplishing goals. If you’re success has no accountability, then it’s easy to lose motivation. Instead, stay motivated by:

  • Setting a specific consequence or reward for reaching or not reaching a certain goal.
  • Letting the people around you know what you are going to do that day.
    • “I’m going to make 50 phone calls today.”
    • “I’m going to set 10 appointments today.”
    • “I’m going to sell two cars today.”
  • Tracking everything you’ve done in the CRM, so you can see the data. Actually writing out what you’ve achieved and being able to see it makes a world of difference in staying motivated.

There’s No Such Thing as Failure

It’s easy to lose motivation when things just aren’t going your way. Thankfully, in the world of automotive sales, situations repeat. So, you can never truly fail if you take these scenarios as an opportunity to learn. For example, if your deal gets taken down by an objection you’ve never heard, then figure out how to handle it so the next time it comes up, you can move past it.

stay motivated in automotive sales

Remember, automotive professionals who get discouraged and never take a swing at new opportunities will never create new chances for success. However, when you take a shot at every opportunity in your sight, successes will start to pile up! Don’t avoid opportunities because you’re worried about the possibility of failure. If you knew that you would have success after a certain number of failures, wouldn’t you take the rejection in stride knowing that you were moving closer to success? Automotive sales is all about output! The more you fail, the more you learn, and the more your learn, the more you succeed!

Keep Learning

Even seasoned pros have something to gain from training. Yet, salespeople who get in the mindset that they’re too experienced for something will not be able to advance further. In fact, they will fall behind in the ever-changing automotive sales marketplace.

So, embrace training, embrace change, and embrace the new stuff that’s going on at your dealership! Even professional sports players practice regularly. To be the best version of themselves, they’re always looking to improve and sharpen their skills. Similarly, when you focus on learning and growing, you’ll be able to sell a lot more product and stay motivated!

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Switch It Up

There’s nothing worse for motivation that repetition without results. Habits are a great way to stay on track to achieving your goals, but when these daily procedures don’t show immediate results, it can be easy to lose motivation. In addition, people generally burn out if they’re running the same schedule every single day over long periods of time.

Don’t be afraid to switch things up and try new things. Even when things are going well, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t better ways to do things that might even help you close more car deals. Yet, especially in situations where you feel your motivation wavering, switching things up is a great way to relight that fire. Keeping things fresh and exciting is a fantastic way to keep your motivation up.