The automotive industry changes with the advent of each new technology, sales strategy, consumer law, or other development.  A pitch that might have closed that car deal 40 years ago could easily fall flat today.  And, that’s why updating your company protocol for automotive sales training can make or break the future of your car dealership.  So, keep your business running smoothly by adhering to the following tips:

You’ll Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

top-best-tips-automotive sales training-first-impression

Image is everything.  At least, that’s the case when it comes to new business relationships.  And, this holds true in the automotive industry, as well.  Part of your automotive sales training should entail a discussion about appearance, positivity, and helpfulness.  Customers might not remember you for being dressed in a suit and upbeat about helping them out.  But, you can bet they’ll remember the disheveled, negative loafer who blew them off when they were ready to purchase a vehicle.

Mystery Shop your Sales Reps

top-best-tips-automotive sales training-mystery-shopping

Automotive sales reps behave quite differently while being observed by a manager than when they’re working alone.  So, if you want an honest, unfiltered look at how your salesmen behave with customers, then try mystery shopping them.  Mystery shopping ensures you’ll get a sneak peek at your sales rep when they least expect it, providing a truly candid evaluation.  It’s the only way to make sure you don’t have blinders on when assessing your sales staff.

Provide Additional Online Automotive Sales Training

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Supplement your in-house training with state-of-the-art, online automotive sales training!  Yeah, yeah, we know.  You’re one of the best automotive sales managers of all time.  And, your training of both new and seasoned staff members is second-to-none.  But, that doesn’t mean your car sales representatives couldn’t use a refresher course.  Solidify what you’ve already taught them by allowing them to hear the same ideas expressed in new ways.  Heck, they may even learn something new along the way, too.

Implement Software Training Tailored to your Specific CRM and Dialer

top-best-tips-automotive sales training-software

Whether your automotive sales team consists of a bunch of grizzled veterans or a sheepish herd of greenhorns, periodic training that covers the tools they use daily can make a substantial impact on your conversion rates.  While most CRMs function in similar ways, each program has its own special tools, plug-ins, advantages, and disadvantages.  And, the same can be said for auto-dialers.  Make sure your team brushes up on the features added during updates and explores the full functionality of the software used at your dealership.

Teach your Sales Reps to Treat Every Customer Equally


While experienced sales representatives know that you can’t judge a book by its cover when it comes to assessing a potential customer, new hires can often fall into this trap.  Make it a point to explain this to new sales reps through anecdotes and role-playing.  That guy who just walked onto the lot in a filthy t-shirt might be a multi-millionaire car addict.  And, the lady with the designer bag and fine jewelry might be otherwise flat-broke.  Have your staff avoid the guessing game by training them to treat every customer equally.

Hi there!  Got a hot tip that you like to use when performing car sales training?  Let us know your favorite move in the comment section and we’ll add it during our next update.