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Live Sales Training Seminars

Get your team the knowledge, insights, and expertise needed to succeed.


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How will Live Car Sales Training help my BDC team succeed?

Our live car sales training covers everything a BDC team needs to be the best – including phone and internet lead handling best practices designed to help staff set more appointments. Additionally, we include a copy of RevDojo’s 30+ call guides to your staff free of charge. These tried-and-true call guides have everything your BDC team needs to handle any objection/situation and set more appointments!

What topics does Live Car Sales training cover?

Our comprehensive live car sales training covers every topic your staff needs to succeed – including:

Phone– Demo Drive– Internet– Closing– Showroom– Videos– Objections– Email– Management– Ratings & Reviews– Sales Processes– Fact-Finding– Videos– Long-Term Follow-Up– Referrals

And more!

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